Scoping courses - freedom to work anywhere

Isn’t it time to trade in a 40-hour workweek and move to a task-based schedule that you are in control of?

Gain the freedom to work from anywhere.

Be wherever you want to be. Start your career as a scopist today.

What is Scoping?

Scoping is the process of taking the raw transcript data from a court reporter and turning it into a polished transcript. Scoping International is an online education platform where you can learn to assist court reporters by checking transcripts for accuracy, formatting, and editing for grammar and punctuation.

Do you want the freedom to work from anywhere, at any time?

Scopist training lets you work from home

Learn to transcribe and format court transcripts from the comfort of your home, on the way to your next destination, or wherever you want to be.

Are You Looking to Virtually Commute to Work?

Enroll Now in our signature course where you learn to format and transcribe for court reporters anywhere there is an intermittent Wi-Fi connection.

Transcription grammar correction scopist

Are you known in your friend circle as a grammar nerd? Are you a retired or out-of-work teacher?  Maybe you are good at spotting errors?  Ok. Challenge accepted. Let’s see how many you can find in the following paragraph.

Do you read threw blog posts constantly distracted by errers? Or go crazy when you reed a typo in that sponsored post on instagram? Then court reporter’s around world are looking for people like you becasue you have naturel talent that can earn you an very, nice living, working from anywhere.

Who is Scoping International?

Scoping International is a multinational online school where you can learn to scope, get professional development, and build a supportive community. We offer the perspective and experience of three different scopists working actively in the industry, using the most up-to-date software in the most cutting-edge areas of the industry.  Visit our About Us page to learn our story and find out how scoping has changed our lives.

Visit our FAQ to learn more about scoping as a career, about our signature course, and what you need to get started.

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