Six years ago, I found myself living in a foreign country with no translatable skills to help me get a job that helped me feel good about myself and helped my family. I remember saying to my husband, “I wish I had a skill.” At that time I also spent a lot of time on Pinterest and Instagram. Okay, I still do. I came across a course that taught the skill of proofreading court documents. One thing led to another, and a few months after starting as a proofreader, I purchased scoping software, did some training, and never looked back!

I love scoping because I enjoy the challenge of working with the English language mixed with the nuances of dealing with a verbatim record. I also love what scoping has done for my life. I finally have a skill, one that allows my husband and I to travel to many countries, one that allows us to live in any country we choose, and now a skill that allows me to continue to work and be able to spend time with my daughter.


Rachel Artis is a cofounder of Scoping International. She has unique training as a scopist because she started her career as a court reporting student. Rachel is known in the industry as a scopist, coach, and speaker. She has been in the industry for close to 10 years and is the CEO of her own scoping and proofing firm, Sopherim & Associates LLC. 

Her passion is to teach and support others to build a career in scoping with the freedom to dream of entrepreneurship and work-life balance. Rachel was also seeking more flexibility in her schedule and finds purpose in providing that for her growing team.

Rachel is a go-getter, up-to-date with industry standards and she is ready to pass on her knowledge to you as a Scoping International student. Rachel is the software instructor and you will find her training videos to be full of all the right information you need to become proficient in scoping software. Students love Rachel’s approachable demeanor and she is available for 1:1 calls throughout The Complete Scoping Course.

What she loves most about this industry is something that hasn’t changed: Whatever you desire is attainable. It’s not something that’s only available if you have a certain background, financial status, or influential connections.


Heidi Yaeger is a cofounder of Scoping International. She has over 20 years in the corporate training sphere including program development. Heidi worked for financial institutions and the federal government in very structured positions. She holds a degree in Adult Education and brings a vast variety of knowledge with her.

Heidi was seeking more flexibility in her schedule and was introduced to scoping through Scoping International’s cofounder Coralie. She has worked as a scopist since her training and is an invaluable member of the teams she works on.  Heidi possesses fine organization skills and unparalleled attention to detail. When Heidi isn’t scoping or steeped in course development, she loves to spend time with her husband outdoors and check out new restaurants in town.

You will gain confidence in Heidi as you get to know her through the training videos in the course. She also conducts one-on-one training calls for our students. Her communication style is friendly and direct. Our students often say she is easy to understand and feel comfortable coming to her with course questions.

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