Jodie J., Scopist

I have been working as a scopist with Sopherim & Associates now for a few years now and loving it!!
First of all, I never knew this industry existed and was introduced to it by Rachel.
It was challenging in the beginning to learn all the rules and preferences that go along with working as a scopist, but her frequent training sessions have proved to be the key element in helping me to hone my skills and progress in this industry. The training sessions are fun and relaxed, which fosters growth.
Here’s something to think about: The English language has its own complexities, and don’t even start talking about grammar!! Yet, by means of the training I have received from Rachel, I can say I have a good handle on it. I appreciate her patience and her willingness to answer all questions. They are all welcomed. Her one-on-ones are priceless, and she will do everything in her power to help you.
You can never stop learning, and as she continues to train, I will continue to take it all in.

Paula Claesson, Scopist

I was a bit nervous to start learning something new, but thanks to Coralie’s patience and understanding, it became a great experience!  She happily answered my endless questions.  She generously shared her own experiences.  She guided me through complicated punctuation rules with enthusiasm.  And just as a good teacher should do, she not only shared her knowledge, but also worked hard to build my confidence to get going and start working.

Gisselle Garcia, Scopist, Proofreader

Coralie has been extremely helpful with anything that I have reached out to her for.  She’s helped me with scoping tips and how to make my job as a scopist easier.  We’ve even had video chat calls in order to actually “show” me how to do certain things.  I recommend her and her course 100%.

Sarah Seitz, CSR, RPR, Secretary, Deposition Reporters Association of California

Coralie has been the most reliable scopist I have worked with. I have hit her with sudden, messy expedites, and she not only gets the job done, but she gets the job done right. She keeps records of my style preferences and knows how I do certain things and is able to make my transcripts look as if I scoped them myself. She is extremely knowledgeable with grammar and punctuation rules and will explain to me her reasoning for doing something and direct me to the rule so that I can look it up. I really appreciate Coralie’s communication as well. She will give me lots of notice if she is going out of town, and she will even recommend someone who can help me in her absence.  I would not be able to take the amount of work that I do and still be able to have a life outside of work without Coralie on my team. She is truly an asset, and I appreciate her very much.

Tanya Rogers, CSR – 28 years

My Scopist is my backbone. My extra layer of confidence for the unique daily challenges that ensue.
My Scopist is my golden ticket to production at its max. Organization of all emails containing very specific information for each proceeding, including reference to and marking of exhibits is key to my ability to turn around a pristine transcript and move on to the next. It keeps me centered and focused.
On extremely tough days, My scopist is there for me professionally and personally, really the only one that understands what a reporter goes through. My Scopist is the little fairy on my shoulder – knowing she’s there makes the seemingly impossible possible!
I cherish my Scopist.
Her name is Heidi Yaeger

Taylor Couch, Scopist

Rachel was a great help to me throughout the time I took her course. Not only did she welcome my many questions, she also listened patiently to any concerns I may have had. She was supportive in my learning and taught in a way that would relate to me, individually. For instance, her lessons on business included examples that I, being a young adult with limited experience, would understand. Rachel was also extremely flexible with her schedule and time, always ready to adjust or move something around for me, which is something I appreciated very much. In all, the amount of support I received was extremely encouraging, especially in the beginning when I was still unsure of everything. I am very happy I decided to go with Rachel.

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