You will learn

  • About the scoping profession and why it’s in such high demand
  • Who your future clients will be and what is needed to keep them coming back
  • How to strengthen your English-language skills
  • Exactly what is needed to produce a transcript
  • How to unlock the power of Case CATalyst software
  • How to be profitable 
  • How to balance clients to be sure you maintain work-life balance and reach your goals

How the course works

The course is divided into eight sections composed of modules.  These modules and sections are designed to build upon each other to help students grasp the fundamentals of scoping.  Each section will need to be completed before moving on to the next section.  Key sections will have tests that must be passed to gain access to the following sections.

Course specifics

Section 1:  Introduction to Scoping.

Here you will gain a high-level view of scoping and learn what exactly a scopist is, who exactly your clients will be, what skills are needed, and what the outlook is for scopists.  This will help you be confident this is the career for you before committing to the rest of the course.

Section 2:  Good English.

One of the keys to being a great scopist is knowing how to make a transcript readable for the attorneys, judges, arbitrators, and all other decision-makers who are reading the verbatim record in order to make important decisions.  The tricky thing is that you will be editing the spoken word.  You do not get to fix the grammar to make it easier.  What was said was said, and so often we all speak in a grammatically incorrect way.  So how do you make that readable?  

  • Here you will get a refresher course on basic punctuation as well as a bit of a deeper dive into some of the common problems scopists face when deciding how to punctuate an awkward sentence.   You’ll also learn what words to watch out for that are commonly misused as well as specific problems that are often encountered when working with stenography to empower you to turn out an accurate transcript. 
  • This section will have worksheets, resources, and quizzes for you to test your knowledge and exercise new skills. 

There will be a final test that must be passed with a score of 85%.  This is a critical test.* You will have three chances to pass this timed, multiple-choice test.  If you cannot successfully pass, you will not be able to gain access to the rest of the course. 

So take your time, study, and be prepared.  You’ll be glad you did when you’re working professionally as a scopist!

Section 3:  What is a transcript?

Here you will learn the ins and outs of transcript formatting and production. We will teach you all of the components of a transcript, what different phrases mean, and how to format them.

Bonus!  We give you a whole lesson on common formatting mistakes and misses.  Armed with this, you’ll be sure to turn out an impeccable transcript.

Section 4:  Learning Case CATalyst.

Another important aspect of being a scopist is knowing how to properly use the software.  This section will take you from the basics of Case CATalyst software to unlocking the power of the software to make you accurate as well as fast.  Efficiency is key to being a profitable scopist, so you’ll want to pay close attention.  So many scopists waste hours completing a transcript only because they don’t know how to take advantage of this powerful software.  We make sure our students leave the course fluent in Case CATalyst and as efficient as possible.

  • This section is full of videos so you can actually see what our most experienced scopist and trainer does every day.  This will be as close as you can get to what it would be like to sit down with an experienced scopist and have her expertly guide you through editing a transcript.  
  • We also provide key tools to plug in to your software to unlock its full potential as well as printouts to help you remember your new tricks as you’re practicing them.

You will be required to pass a timed, multiple-choice test to prove your proficiency using Case CATalyst with a score of 85% or better to move on to the rest of the course.  This is a critical test.* You will again be given three chances. If you cannot pass this test, you will not be able to access the rest of the course.

Section 5:  Practice Transcripts.

Now it’s time to put all of your new skills to the test.  We provide you with over 1,000 pages from real transcripts provided by real court reporters.  You will get to work with a variety of skill levels as well as preferences that different reporters have to learn flexibility in the industry, another important quality of a skilled scopist.  You will have plenty of opportunities to practice punctuating the spoken word, using all of the software skills you’ve learned as well as the importance of helping your eyes to not be tricked by your ears.  This section is powerful as it will help you work out any potential problems or weaknesses you may have before you’re working in the field and getting feedback from potential clients.

Section 6:  The Final Transcript.

This will be your final test for the course, where everything comes together and you’re able to show us what you’ve got.  Every final will have personal grading, and we provide individualized feedback based on your performance. 

This is a critical test*. You will have two chances to pass the final in order to unlock the last section of the course and get started as a professional scopist.

Section 7:  How to Get Clients.

After all your hard work, we’re going to make sure you have an inside look into the industry.  You will learn about your potential clients, what they’re looking for, and how to make sure you can consistently deliver.  We’ll make sure that you not only have the skills to turn out a beautiful transcript but can also provide your clients with a great experience that will solidify your name in the industry and ensure you have as much work as you need to reach your goals.

Section 8:  How to Keep Clients.

In this section we will provide you with tips from experienced scopists about how to calculate and balance your workload so that you meet your clients’ needs and have time to live your life!  We helped you be efficient with the software, and we’ll help you be efficient with your time management so that you are as profitable as you can be.


  • Lifetime access to the course material when you pass the final transcript
  • Access to new modules and updates
  • Printouts to help you remember keystrokes and words to look out for
  • Checklists to make sure you’re not missing anything when you’re ready to return the transcript to the client
  • Access to our private student forum where you will be able to chat with others who are doing the course, ask questions, and get support as you are starting out on your new, exciting career!

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*Critical tests are used to ensure that students understand and apply the information being taught in the course. If a student cannot pass the critical tests, it indicates there is a lack of understanding of an essential skill needed to become a successful scopist. We offer as much support as possible to our students, including one-on-one coaching, free drop-in sessions with one or more course creator present, and the support of fellow students. We also understand that the course is an investment, and in order to offer our students an opportunity to continue the course, we will allow students additional opportunities to take the test for a fee of $100.

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